Europe Match

Think Tank for lightning concepts

Do you know if your advertising reaches its destination?
Do you know who and when takes note of your advertising?
Do you know your advertising concept is worth the money?

You want to communicate your advertising message in optimal way and reach your target?You search for the perfect and well-priced advertising gift?

Europe Match has the adverstising gift which is present in every situation and opportunity by multiple use.

Because matches are needed by everyone of us.

Matches are bought and used a million times in daily life - just obviously. Give your advertising this attention and this frequent eye contact, in order to place it where your advertising message has it's self effect: everywhere!

The large variety of formats, shapes and designs of advertising matches give opportunities that you don't know and which will not surprise only you.

Additional advertising lighters bring your marketing mix to shine.

Brand lighters of Cricket are fashionable advertising products of top quality and highest safety made in Europe. They offer all around the perfect surface for high quality presentation of your advertising message. Because of the durability of Cricket lighters you give high attention combined with long lasting reliable use.

Be inspired by looking through the following pages and ask for your own personal advertising concept.

Refreshment whished?

How about Cricket Electronic Frosted - the freshness kick for your advertising look!

The ingredients: an elegant mix of sorbet colours, retro pastels, icy blue and pure white - mixed coolly and not stirred.

With fine pastel colours you put on a charming reminder with style.